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The Horse World Channel is a worldwide channel TV via streaming and On Demand movies.

The Horse World Channel is a worldwide channel TV via streaming and On Demand movies.

Horse World Channel is characterized as movies, sports championships, programs and TV shows global provider, being aired by multiple digital platforms:

Mobile, Computers and TVs.

 It is 24/07, by Internet, with special sports, entertainment and passion for horses themes.

Its content grid is personal and has the participation of Brazilians and international producers related to equestrian activities.

The Horse World Channel comes from the Horse Brasil brand - a successful TV show for 11 years on air on Brazilian television.

The entire theme generation is developed in high quality audio and video (FULL HD).

Streaming display in real time, On-Demand and OTT (Over-the-top).

The Horse World Channel offers the app that can now be downloaded entirely free and quickly on Google Play Store and Apple Store. In addition to the streaming TV, people can have access to videos On Demand, Socially Responsible Provision of Services and more.

Horse World Channel’s mission is to create, produce, program and broadcast quality television content focused on the horses’ world. Besides providing quality services to all passionate about horses and the matter supporters.

The crystallization of the culture, sport, entertainment and horse world of knowledge to the TV, with the inclusion of the social networks appearance between companies and people who are able to contribute to a just and sustainable society and proactive participation interest in the horses’ universe in Brazil and the world, that is the Horse world Channel’s goal.

According to the Horse World Channel Director, Alci Costa Leite, the horses’ worldwide channel operations are featured in a solid basis of tacit knowledge on television and provision of communication services, focusing on the horses’ world promotion through iTV vehicle (Internet TV) and satellite.

"We're bringing the largest television news to the horse world. 11 years ago the Horse Brasil always kept pace with the developments related to technology.

The Horse Brazil stands every day and is currently one of the leading horse communication names in Brazil.

It is the channel that has more followers on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube about horses.  Now is the time to launch to the world the Horse World Channel and be present in the lives of millions people around the world, taking the best horses themes and what they like and, people like about this subject.

This allows us to get even closer of our audience", said Costa Leite.

Horse World Channel