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About B2B
When passion, dedication and respect for nature come together, the result is always rewarding.

Located in the city of Três Rios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, B2B Ranch in just a decade has been evolving and gaining success in the Quarter horse breeding and on three barrels race tracks, six beacons and on reins around the country and the world.

The ranch isnationally and internationallyfamous, working in harmony with nature and animals. B2B goal is beyond breeding champions, having as premised top quality genetic quality selection, as well as breeding strong, versatile and intelligent animals that in addition to promoting the growth of their breeding, will also contribute to the Quarter Horse breed evolution in herds across the country.

Working in harmony with nature and animals, always trying to give the best to breed champions.More than that, selectingtop quality genetic in order to breed strong, versatile and smart animals, which can contribute to the growth not only of our breeding, but also the Quarter Horse breed in Brazil.